Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I am in LOVE with bitly. I think of it as a cloud-based favorites bar for my Internet sites. I save ALL web resources in bitly so that I can access them anywhere. Bitly also creates tiny URLs and QR codes.

There's also an app (free).

Quick Directions to Get You Started (I always do promise Quick and Easy!)
1. Go to
2. Create a free account or log in with Facebook or Twitter. Your choice, just click where you need to to get an account.
3. Now, select and copy the URL you want to bookmark/save/shrink.
4. Return to bitly, past into the top spot.
5. Now this is what you will see. 
 Here you have some options. I recommend starting with "Add to bundle" This is a way you can organize all of your similar links (like organizing into folders, but they are called bundles) 

Also, if you select View Stats you can click on the little QR and print that off to share. 

As always, I like to keep it simple, short, and sweet. Bitly is an incredibly powerful tool that can really be used as a major time saver!! I also use it to create bundles for student work. For example, if I have a set of math sites I use for extra fun practice with students when they are finished with work, they are all stored together in a bundle labeled 5th grade interactive math sites. This way, I can quick run to the bundle and print/pull up a QR on the promethean board for the students to scan.

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