Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rocks or Sucks

Need to get your staff moving? Do they need to get out some tension or just need a chance to share their opinions. Use this!

1. Create a list of "hot topics" for staff to choose if they rock or suck- No in between.
2. One side of the room is "rocks", the other side is for "sucks"
3. State the topic, give 15 seconds for people to move, then give another 15 seconds for them to chat. 
4. Then, each side gets a chance to share a reason why they chose rocks or sucks. 
5. Repeat with a new topic.

I participated in a session like this at EdCampSTL and it was awesome! What a great way to get people up and moving, and talking! I think this would be awesome for a PLC meeting to allow teachers a chance to be heard. You could also use something similar in your classroom to give your students a voice. 

Could you use this to create your classroom expectations? 
What about your homework procedures?
What about the learning expectations?