Monday, January 27, 2014

Free Cloud MacBook Back Up- 10 Minutes or Less!

Backing Up Your MacBook Files in the Google Drive Cloud

2. Double click on download

3. Click drag the google drive icon onto the folder icon

4. Go to Finder (click on your desktop) > Go (at the top in the menu bar) >Click on Applications > Double Click on Google drive

5. Click open

6. Click sign in now, go ahead and sign in with your google drive account

7. Click start sync

8. You may have to type in your MacBook user password

9. Now, a google drive folder will appear in your finder. Anything you drag there (hold down the option key- you will see a green plus sign appear then release) will be backed up into your drive account. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

FREE Photo Auto Cloud Back Up

FREE Auto- Cloud Back Up on Your iPhone, iPad

As always, I promise these steps are super quick and easy.. and incredibly functional as well! After following these few simple steps, your photos will auto-back up into the google + cloud. What this means is if your device gets run over by a car, your photos will all be saved, for FREE! Educationally, this means you have quick, easy access to photos your students take with their iPad for computer-based projects. (Tweet me if you’d like more ideas on this)

2. Sign in with your gmail, yahoo, or google account and upgrade to a Google + account (it’s free!) 

3. Now, download the Google + app on your device (iPhone, iPad) - It’s available for free in the app store when you search for google plus

4. Open the app. Push “get started” 

5. Now you can add your google + account that you want to use for auto back up. 

6. Make sure the box that says back up existing photos and videos is checked, then select turn  on auto back up. 

If you already have the google + app and want to do an auto back up follow these directions: 

1. Select the = on the upper left hand side of the screen (the app should be open, and you should be signed into your account)

2. Select the gear shifter button on the top right hand side to view your settings.

3. Select camera and photos. 

4. Make sure Auto Backup is on. 

Now you can view your photos by accessing your Google + account via the Internet.

Access your google plus account (if you aren't sure how to do this just google Google plus)

Click on the small square of 9 squares. 
Click on Google +

On the left hand side scroll over where the page says home and some options will appear, click on photos. 

Now you can download/organize your photos.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

QR Quick Checks

Create Quick Checks for Students

Here is a quick, easy way to use QR codes to have students quickly check their work before completing an entire worksheet incorrectly. This also gives them an opportunity to get up and stretch their legs if you put the answer QR checks throughout the classroom. 

1. Go to

2. Type in the answer(s)/text you want for the 1st QR code. 
*For example, you may have the answers to questions 1-3 inside the first QR for them to check after they have completed them. On your worksheet you can provide a little visual reminder for students to get up, stretch, and check their work. 

3. Right click on the QR code, select copy. 

4. Open up a word document, select paste.

5. Label the QR with answers 1-3 (or whatever fits what the QR scans to)

6. Return to the website, delete what you typed previously and repeat as needed. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Test Prep in the Computer Lab

Synonyms and Antonyms Computer Lab Lesson

1. Put students into groups of 5. Each student will need a computer.

2. Pick one person to be the scorekeeper of the group.

3. Have all students open up a Pages/Word document. If you are a google apps for education school I    would recommend using a google doc and modifying the lesson a bit! 

4. The scorekeeper will type a word. 

5. The scorekeeper will say the word and each of the players will then type the word at the top of their page. 

6. Now, each of the players will write down as many synonyms and antonyms as he/she can think of for that word. After 1 minute, the score keeper will yell time. 

7. Now, each person reads his/her list out loud to the group. For each correct word the student gets a point. If a word used is neither an antonym or synonym, no point is given. (If the group disagrees, they need to look up the word(s) by using right click on the word(s) that need to be defined, then select the “look up” option to view the definition of the word-- on a MacBook the command for a "right click" or "drop down" is a two finger tap on the word)

8. Now, the kids rotate and a new score keeper is chosen. Continue to rotate until each member of the group has been the score keeper. 

Here is a link you can give to students for a free timer.